Monday, November 16, 2009


Its dark outside,
when its still a daytime
sky pours down
washing every blade of grass and
every vein of leaves in trees...
Earth absorbs every drop its offered
silently depositing them in its under layers for the posterity
I rather chill out enjoying the warmth in my den
watching the pristine showers through my window pane
Reliving the moments passed
Dreaming the ones to come
All alone in my space
wondering why not even one another soul is blessesd into it!!!
Loneliness sometimes tell u
who u are to u and
what people are to u...
In a way its a gift
And in a way its a curse,I observe
And at times it appears to be eternal!
Happiness, Agony, Love, Tears, Laughs,
Success, Failures, Meetings, Bye-byes....
Everything comes and goes,
And infact swings among them
But what gets to stay!
Till the end of end
ofcourse nothing...?
Irony,even its not!!!!!!!

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