Monday, November 16, 2009

India-no more in third world

I still remember the lesson i learnt when I was in primary school.That was a lesson from social science subject and it tells the young students about our dear,great India.I still remember the sentence "India is a vast country(make sure.. not waste..) with rich natural resources.It is largely populated and it is a developing country".I think my father should have also studied the same lesson reading "India is a developing country".we are still a developing ourselves.i don't know when our children will say 'My country is a developed nation".may be,my grand children????? But its true that we are really forging ahead as a strong force.Development is achieved in many fields but not absolutely.To put it more appropriate the improvement what so ever we have achieved so far has reached only certain section of people.Be it,Olympics or Oscars,We Indians have started making our presence felt.But when it comes to living standard of people,especially in rural india we have to accept that we still have a long way to go.

we are certainly in the path of making this progress absolute.Globalising our economy,having achieved self reliance in food production,daring to open our civilian nuclear resources for foreign inspection,Certainly we are trying hard to be in the first world.

with the global melt down on,experts foresee change in world order.Is hightime India eliminate itself from the third world.But so much of it deprnds on how evenly the development achieved is distributed.

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