Monday, March 8, 2010

VTV-in my view

Watched vinnai thaandi varuvaya yesterday.As many says, its a feel good movie.Both simbu and trisha looks fresh and enchanting.The oneliner below the movie describes it all.Its a different love story,again!!
I loved the first half of the film than the second half.I feel,its karthik who takes the first half forward and jessie does the second half.Just as their characters, first part is lovable and prompt.second one is so slow and confusing.Trisha's character is absolutely debatable.If she considers her family supreme,why she says 'yes' to simbu.and if she finds herself completely irresistible to karthik why she leaves him?Its more like a yes-no game.
When karthik meets jessie in UK and she says she too is still the same-unmarried-I felt happy that atleat one good  film has finally come which says even the women could stay firm in love, not running away marrying a NRI after a love failure and they don't always yield to pressure shunning their heart's desire, .But disappointment followed.Jessie being a girl who is that gutsy to stop her marriage at church, could have fared much better in the second half.But after all,the film reflects reality.otherwise,the film has so many feel-good things like the pep talks between karthik and his friend ganesh,cute romance between jessie and karthik.(Romantic quotient between simbu and trisha has soared really high :) )
And 'The best' thing about the film is Rahman's background score and songs.When I heard songs as sound tracks I had a feel that all the numbers are slow and almost of one kind.But while watching the film,it was different.Every song enhanced the intensity of the mood and all of them are lovable.Especially mannipaaya and aaromale songs are jelled up beautifully with the film.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Happy hugs
Naughty giggles
Funny comments
Silly fights
Lovely tears
Shared dreams
A heavenly bond
A twin soul
Friends are Bliss!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Not my job!?!

Presenting THIS YEAR'S "Not My Job" AWARD!!
The winner is

INDIAN National Highway Department Painting Division

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Stop to think

Read an article recently.Following verse made me to think a lot.Just wanna share it here.
" Right of an individual to make fundamental choices like marriage does not found much favour with seemingly modern youth.Their idea of freedom stops within institution of marriage where the principle of fsmily knows the best fitd in.Surveys show that fairly large number of youth from modern urban middle classes including IT workers prefer to that their parents find thir mate.After enjoying personal freedom which an average youth of US or europe have,many enthusiastically go through,most extravagant weddings,complete with incomprehensible rituals and inexcusable dowry "

-Meera,The Hindu

India-no more in third world

I still remember the lesson i learnt when I was in primary school.That was a lesson from social science subject and it tells the young students about our dear,great India.I still remember the sentence "India is a vast country(make sure.. not waste..) with rich natural resources.It is largely populated and it is a developing country".I think my father should have also studied the same lesson reading "India is a developing country".we are still a developing ourselves.i don't know when our children will say 'My country is a developed nation".may be,my grand children????? But its true that we are really forging ahead as a strong force.Development is achieved in many fields but not absolutely.To put it more appropriate the improvement what so ever we have achieved so far has reached only certain section of people.Be it,Olympics or Oscars,We Indians have started making our presence felt.But when it comes to living standard of people,especially in rural india we have to accept that we still have a long way to go.

we are certainly in the path of making this progress absolute.Globalising our economy,having achieved self reliance in food production,daring to open our civilian nuclear resources for foreign inspection,Certainly we are trying hard to be in the first world.

with the global melt down on,experts foresee change in world order.Is hightime India eliminate itself from the third world.But so much of it deprnds on how evenly the development achieved is distributed.


Its dark outside,
when its still a daytime
sky pours down
washing every blade of grass and
every vein of leaves in trees...
Earth absorbs every drop its offered
silently depositing them in its under layers for the posterity
I rather chill out enjoying the warmth in my den
watching the pristine showers through my window pane
Reliving the moments passed
Dreaming the ones to come
All alone in my space
wondering why not even one another soul is blessesd into it!!!
Loneliness sometimes tell u
who u are to u and
what people are to u...
In a way its a gift
And in a way its a curse,I observe
And at times it appears to be eternal!
Happiness, Agony, Love, Tears, Laughs,
Success, Failures, Meetings, Bye-byes....
Everything comes and goes,
And infact swings among them
But what gets to stay!
Till the end of end
ofcourse nothing...?
Irony,even its not!!!!!!!

lif is lik tat!

No matter, how prepared you are!
Life moves on....
people come into it and move out
leaving something to remember about
some gives joy
some gives love
some gives tears
some gives hope
And some takes away that!
but in all,lies a lesson called Life