Monday, March 8, 2010

VTV-in my view

Watched vinnai thaandi varuvaya yesterday.As many says, its a feel good movie.Both simbu and trisha looks fresh and enchanting.The oneliner below the movie describes it all.Its a different love story,again!!
I loved the first half of the film than the second half.I feel,its karthik who takes the first half forward and jessie does the second half.Just as their characters, first part is lovable and prompt.second one is so slow and confusing.Trisha's character is absolutely debatable.If she considers her family supreme,why she says 'yes' to simbu.and if she finds herself completely irresistible to karthik why she leaves him?Its more like a yes-no game.
When karthik meets jessie in UK and she says she too is still the same-unmarried-I felt happy that atleat one good  film has finally come which says even the women could stay firm in love, not running away marrying a NRI after a love failure and they don't always yield to pressure shunning their heart's desire, .But disappointment followed.Jessie being a girl who is that gutsy to stop her marriage at church, could have fared much better in the second half.But after all,the film reflects reality.otherwise,the film has so many feel-good things like the pep talks between karthik and his friend ganesh,cute romance between jessie and karthik.(Romantic quotient between simbu and trisha has soared really high :) )
And 'The best' thing about the film is Rahman's background score and songs.When I heard songs as sound tracks I had a feel that all the numbers are slow and almost of one kind.But while watching the film,it was different.Every song enhanced the intensity of the mood and all of them are lovable.Especially mannipaaya and aaromale songs are jelled up beautifully with the film.